Cleveland Hardwood Restoration | Sustainablility
Green and sustainable hardwood floor refinishing, restoration, repair and installation.
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As a versatile and socially conscious natural restoration company, we strive to use low to no VOC products in the finishing of our floors. Due to this philosophy, we do not utilize commercial oil or water-based stain as a sealer or colorant in our refinishing process. We truly appreciate and admire the natural qualities of wood and love to let that aesthetic be the focus of our work. Some catalysts of our natural approach to hardwood include:

  • many mainstream products used for hardwood floor staining/finishing are high VOC, toxic and off-gas for months
  • our skilled employees handle the same products daily, their health and safety is of the utmost importance when selecting job materials
  • traditionally changing the colour of your hardwood floors descreases life span and complicates maintenance
  • reactive stains (clear, 0 VOC solutions that react to the tannins in the wood) create a more natural, varied look that is both aesthetically modern and easier to maintain

We would love an opportunity to educate YOU about your choices! During each estimate, we strive to provide you with a greater understanding of the process while explaining how you can support the environment and receive a superior product. We have completed projects in virtually every city in NE Ohio, social media is always utilized during estimates to provide examples and inspiration.


We believe in supporting and preserving he environment in whatever ways we can. The best scenario happens when what’s best for both the environment and the consumer, align! We are proud to offer genuine hardwood flooring from two sources; Sheoga Hardwood Flooring & Paneling in Middlefield, Ohio is Sustainable Forestry Certified. Their flooring is custom milled to order; they offer all clear and character grades. The Sheoga facility boasts an expansive showroom you can visit during business hours. This is a great tool for those looking to get an idea for design purposes.

We also can offer Ohio harvested and hand milled hardwood flooring from a local Amish family out of Homerville, Ohio. Every order is custom and all communication is done by letter or a visit to the farm..